Synergi Hairdressers - Extremely rude and poor service to my diabetic grandmother

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Synergi Hairdressers 520 Atherton Road Hindley WN24LY

my grandmother has been going to this salon for some time and when she saw an ad stating that it was half price for OAPs made an appointment for a perm.The appointment was for 11am and she didnt leave until after 3.30pm- wholly unacceptable as she is 85 and a diabetic- she was lucky not to take ill.

However, due to the long time she was there- she was unable to wait for the drying process and was just randomly blow dried- however on paying she was told it was 20 pounds for the perm and a further 20 for the 'finish'!! Then when my mother rang to complain about these issues she was verbally abused by a 'gentleman' who told her she was '***' and other such insults- this tirade of insults went on for some time as he screamed down the phone at her leaving her extremely upset and shaken. my advice to all would be that at best these people are taking advantage of their elderly customers and at worst being completely unprofessional and abusive! Hairdressers?- they are an absolute disgrace to the industry and dont even know what the words customer service mean!

God help you should you go there as they couldnt give a *** about you and in my opinion are seriously unhinged!!!

If they are so quick to seriously verbally abuse someone calling to lodge a complaint- God only knows what they will do to your hair and then abuse you should you try to complain.seriously poor form!

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